Sunday, August 28, 2011

Faith ...again...

I spent this past Shabbat in Mercaz Shapira by my sister.  I am so glad that she and I are finally going to be friends...there is nothing like having a family member as your friend!

I was kind of flabbergasted at her menu:  Friday night we had stuffed peppers and for Seudat Shlishit we had corn fritters.  Not that those foods in and of themselves flabbergasted me.  It was the choices of foods.  You see, on Wednesday night I made stuffed peppers for dinner and on Thursday night Chloe made corn fritters for dinner!!  It was kind of a strange deja vu!!!  I did try to see or ascribe some meaning to this but, heck, this is just food, folks!  Good food to be sure, but just food nonetheless. 

While by my sister I was describing to her my "plans" on how to manage financially and was detailing my income to expense ratio and worrying myself over it.  Finally she told me that I am being to "medakdek" and that I need to relax and turn myself over to Hashem and let Him take care of things.  I can only plan just so much and then I have to trust in Him to make sure we will be okay.  

This is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.  I have always had trouble with this and over the past few years I have had to do this a lot so you would think with all this practice it would get easier.  But it never gets easier.  It is always scary.  But I am trying, I am trying. 

Today, I drove from Mercaz Shapira to Rami Levy at Shilat, then to the house in Hashmonaim, dropped off my stuff and the groceries I bought (drinks, drinks, drinks, biscuits, cookies, and plums) and then went to Nof Ayalon.  The kids loaded the car with their stuff then drove me back to Hashmonaim, to the house and they went up to Haifa.  I spent the next several hours sorting out my stuff and putting things into place and measuring and making plans for where everythign is to go.  When I was done I went to the Fulds, annoyed them for a bit, and then went to find Pizza Mia, the local pizzeria.  I ordered four pies of pizza for tomorrow for the workers,  then picked up an iced coffee at the makolet and hiked back to the house. At the house I gathered my things: laptop, overnight stuff, and then hiked back over to the Fulds.  I am here now. relaxing in the cook a/c with a tall glass of cold drink and some nice green grapes.  

Tomorrow will be a big and long day...I will be reunited with all my STUFF!!   I can't wait.   

Last night I sent out about 150 CV's to many different amutot (ngo's) in Israel.  I recieved a few responses, mostly that they have no openings, a few who are forwarding my CV to the proper personnel and one which wants to interview me.  I have a feeling I am going to wind up working full time and commuting, two things I did not really want to do. I wanted to work part time either nearby or from home....

Oh well... I need to pay the bills. 

Any sugar daddies out there???  (JK!)

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