Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Taking it slow...

Today was my first full day in Israel as an Olah Chadashah.  The only thing I really did was go to Hashmonaim with my daughter and grandson to see for real, the house we are renting.  It was a good visit. We spent a few hours in the house, going over things, how it is arranged and how we think we want to use the space, where we will put our things, etc.  

We met our landlord, Alon ben David.  He is very nice.  He went through the house with us and answered all our questions about things.  There was some furniture in the house already and we asked about it.  He agreed that we can use whatever we want and whatever we do not want or have room for he will remove. He also offered us the use of a dryer, which is great since that is one of the appliances we do not have.

I also insisted that he paint the salon -- the walls are all marked up.  He did attempt to make excuses for NOT doing it but I never let him even get a word in edgewise on that. I told him it must be painted, I did not ASK him.  He did agree that he would do that.

Tomorrow I am hoping to accomplish TWO things. Both are in Haifa, near to one another. I hope to get to the Misrad HaPnim to pick up my Teuadat Z'hut (citizenship/ID card), and to the offices of the shippers to claim my shipment.  The second is only the first step in a multi-step process. I will also need to get to Ashdod to another office to clear my shipment with customs.  Then I go back to Haifa....

I think we will be in Nof Ayalon for this Shabbat.  I am still hoping to move in next week to my new place.

And that's all for now...not much to report. I am taking it very slow...

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