Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ulpan and a good full life

I have not posted here in a while. That is partly because I have been busy and partly because I have not really had much to say.  I go to ulpan every morning for four hours, then I go home and either look for work, or work around the house, or shopping.  

Learning in ulpan at this time of my life is so much more difficult than it was thirty two years ago.  For one thing,   I was much younger then and for another my hearing loss today is greater than it was back then.  Additionally, I have the problem of difficulty with making sense of sounds that I hear.  It can sometimes be a struggle in English, but in Hebrew it is TRULY a struggle.   My issues with using the phone have not subsided in any great deal.  I can use the phone but only easily with a handful of people -- such as my mom.  But most of the time it is simply a big struggle, and many times simply impossible and I just give up. 

BUT, I can say that after being in Israel now, for a bit over two months, I AM beginning to feel that I can follow spoken Hebrew much better and I can even speak it better.  The problem I have is when I am spoken to in Hebrew and I cannot follow what is being said because of my hearing, and I indicate as such to the speaker, rather than attempt to speak Hebrew more slowly, or more clearly, or even more simply -- they switch to English.  And that totally defeats the purpose for me.  It is just too much work for me to argue with them. They do not understand. 

Today in Ulpan it was finally my turn to sit in front of the class and tell my story.  I had actually tried to avoid it but was unable to do so completely and finally had to do it.  So, I told my story but clarified first off that I have a great life, that I am VERY happy in it, and that in no way do I wish to be thought of as a complainer.  I was not complaining, just telling my story.  

It is far from done, I hope. I hope I have much more life to live.  I scare so much more easily today than I ever did.  I am afraid of illness, of injury, of bad things.  But I try to ignore my fears and just move on.  

I have a brand new grandson. His name is Eliya Yehuda. He is VERY cute and tiny and adorable.  We had a beautiful bris and seudah following the bris in our home.  I was very pleased with the turnout. Many of the people whom I consider my friends and who are important to me came.  It was an interesting and nice mix of people.  

Today, I learned something new:  I learned that The Evil One got divorced.  I am NOT surprised.  She once was married to the best man possible and she scorned him.  She then chose to marry a real loser - a man who is mentally ill.  I am actually sorry she divorced him. I wanted to see her continue with him as an albatross around her neck!  

Anyway, such is my life these days...


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