Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Update on the saga of my hearing aids...

In my last post I detailed  the difficulties I was having in getting one of my hearing aids repaired. The Oticon distributors in Israel were refusing to honor my Oticon authorized warranties which I received in the US. This despite having received assurances from Oticon that the warranties WOULD be honored!!

I was then in touch with the audiologist in Baltimore who I had worked with to find the best hearing aids for me.  It was through her that they were purchased and the warranties provided.  She was directly in touch with Oticon and after being unable to obtain satisfaction otherwise, the president of Oticon, Peer Lauritsen stepped in.

Well, folks, that did the trick. Here is a copy of the letter my audiologist received from Oticon: (I have removed the contact info, sorry)

From: Anna Musser
Date: November 23, 2011 10:13:07 AM EST
To: Julie Norin
Subject: Assistance Needed by Oticon Inc.
Good Morning Julie,

Below is information on how we will resolve this matter for the time being. Our president Peer Lauritsen approved our Colleague in Israel to bill us for any charges that may be incurred (as the instruments and speakers are covered under our US new instrument warranty).

We will be also forwarding a note to our Colleagues in Israel to confirm this arrangement. They are welcome to work with us regarding any questions or charges.

His details are:

Mr. Shay Davidovich
Mobile: +97254 433 6288

The company details are:

51, Ben-Yehuda St., P.O. Box 3184
63 431 Tel Aviv
Phone: +972 3526 8101
Michael Bjergegaard our sales manager has already talked to Mr. Shay and he will take good care of the customer.

let me know if you need any additional information. We will be contacting the office again. Please keep in touch and let us know that everything is taken care of properly. Thank you.

 Best Regards,
Anna Musser
Customer Service Representative, Oticon Inc.

Oticon, Inc.
29 Schoolhouse Road
Somerset, NJ 08875, USA

Direct    800-526-3921 X2129
Fax       732-560-7376

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