Thursday, December 1, 2011

Taking pleasure in small things

Today I had a very pleasurable day!

Today I returned to Tel Aviv, to deal with getting my hearing aid fixed.  I also went to a place there for a mammogram.  First I went to the Medton corporate offices on Ben Yehuda.  I asked to speak with Shay -- CEO of Medton. He was not available for an hour and a half. I had to then explain to the receptionist that I could not wait that long, I had another appt at 4 PM and I was from out of town, etc.  I also had to explain to her my reason for needing to speak with Shay.  She was very nice to me and she made a few calls to see if she could help me get connected to the person who could fix my hearing aid.  I also showed her the letter from Peer Lauritson to Shay and the agreement between them vis-a-vis my hearing aid.

She was successful and told me to go to the Medton office around the corner on Mendele -- this was the first Medton office I had visited two weeks ago.  When I arrived at that office, they were waiting for me and very welcoming. They took the hearing aid and looked at it. Turned out that the wire/tube needed to be replaced.  They were able to replace it right then and there and voila! I had my hearing aid back and was able hear in my left ear once again!

Then I retraced my steps to get back to my car which was parked in a lot and drove to the next place for my mammogram.  I had to park several blocks away as there was no parking anywhere near the building.  I arrived a bit early but was able to be seen immediately.  I had the mammogram taken and then was able to leave and head home.

So, what was it about doing all this that gave me such pleasure?

I conducted all my business today in HEBREW.  ALL OF IT!  Such a small thing that!  And yet it gave me such pleasure.  I love speaking Hebrew...


  1. Take THAT Merv!

  2. Gail, it took me a moment -- and then I smiled! Thanks!!!