Thursday, September 15, 2011

My obsession

Since before I made aliyah the one thing that has been most pressing in my mind has been a worry about whether or not I would manage to acquire a car once I made aliyah to Israel. 

My finances are not what they once were, due to circumstances described earlier in this blog, so I was rightfully concerned.  However, I did attempt to be as frugal as possible in an effort to have some funds available toward this purchase.  I have also been extremely resourceful in finagling my situation, financially anyway. 

Since I arrived in Israel, this most pressing concern has been ongoing.  One could say that I am/was obsessed. In fact, at one point while discussing this issue with my sister she DID say that I was obsessing over this and that I needed to relax a bit and put it in Hashem's hands.  I tried, I really have. I think I did, actually, but without forgetting it. It never went on the back burner for me...

Today I met with a "car tester" over a car that I was considering for purchase.  This was a man who comes to the car and tests it for all kinds of defects and then gives you a report as to its condition and safety.  I NEVER saw such thorough testing.  He used a probe to test paint thickness, and metal thickness and differences and oddities, and the plastic and he probed the car EVERYWHERE.  He took pictures.  He was able to determine if the car had been in any accidents, where the damage occurred and how, and what was repaired, or replaced.  He could determine how many accidents the car had been in. He also looked under the car, and checked the frame.  He checked the axle.  He looked at the wheels and the tires.  He looked under the hood.  He tested the engine. He took this stethoscope, with a long metal probe at the end and listened to the engine while it  was running. He inserted the probe in various places in the engine.  He took the car for a road test.  He tested the emissions.  It was amazing.  Then, he gave us a report.  He described the accidents the car was in and the damage. He also said the frame is good, the repair work is good, the car is safe.  He said it is obvious the car has been well taken care of.  He suggested the engine is a bit noisy and it needs a flush.  (this is a 10 year old car with 145k km on it).  He also said the two front tires need to be replaced.   In the end, I got the buyer to reduce the price and to agree to take the car to the mechanic to have the engine flushed.  

Now, we are just waiting for that to happen and for my money to show up in my bank account.  Then, I will have a car!  Whoopee!  

And now, I am just EXHAUSTED...  

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