Thursday, September 8, 2011

Still unpacking...

I have been unpacking boxes since Monday two weeks ago.  And I am still not done. I remember when I moved from Teaneck to Baltimore.  I had my new apartment in tip top shape in two weeks.  But there are many differences in this move that account for the longer time it is taking me to get my house in order.  

  1. This is not just a move from one place to another. I IMMIGRATED to Israel. There is much more that I have had to deal 
  2. with regarding my immigration.  
  3. Movers in Israel do not unpack all the furniture and re-assemble all the furniture as they do in the States. 
  4. I moved into a house that essentially is the same size as my apartment in Baltimore, but my apartment in Baltimore was a 2 BR with a den.  All the rooms were HUGE.  My house here has more rooms in the same space, it could be a 5 BR house, all the rooms are much smaller than those in Baltimore.
  5. My married daughter and her husband and their 2 1/2 year old son, Gavriel also moved - into the same house with me!  So we are dealing with TWO households. 
But, I am being patient. Slowly, slowly, it will all get done.  At the end, everything will have a place and everything will be IN its place. 

I have had a great helper throughout the move:  my absolutely adorable and delicious grandson Gavriel. He loves to follow me around and help me unpack boxes, and put all the wrapping papers back into the boxes and move the boxes.  He is just delightful.  I could go on and on and on about him.  But I won't.  Those of you who are grandparents will understand...

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