Friday, July 29, 2011

Eighteen Days (Countdown...)

I am now safely ensconced in the home of my parents in Monsey, NY.  It is very smoky.  My mom is a smoker and the house absolutely reeks of cigarette smoke. It is the first thing one notices when one enters this house -- the smell and the smokiness.  I really dislike it intensely.  I know that by the time I leave for Israel ALL the clothes I have with me and my luggage are also going to reek of smoke.  Thank G-d for laundry detergent and shampoo!! 

I am leaving Monsey in a little while and heading out to Teaneck, NJ to spend a Shabbat there. I expect it to be nice to be with all my old friends and cohorts from Arzei Darom.  It is a bonus too, that there will be a Sisterhood Seudat Shlishit this Shabbat and I will be able to participate.  

I will be VERY busy over the next two weeks. This is my to-do list.  (Take a deep breath...) In no particular order:

Shabbat in Teaneck
Shabbat in Elizabeth
Shabbat in Monsey
Relatives party - tzetchem l'Shalom for me at my parents house
Friends party - tzetchem l'Shalom for me at my parents house
visit cemetery in Paramus (Barry and Uncle Jackie)
visit cemeteries in Long Island (grandparents)
meet with my financial advisor
turn my car in
inform banks and credit card companies that I will be in Israel
buy the cheese that Chloe wants and freeze it
visit with Judith, Hilda, and Rebecca in upstate NY
visit Mildred Blas
sell my silver

I am sure there is more but for now, this is it.  I will post as I check them off. 

Shabbat Shalom!!

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