Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kletzky Murder

I am quite disturbed by all the comments I have read that call for the death of Levi Aron and the horrible words used to describe him. Yes, his crime was heinous and yes, he must be punished -- locked away.  But there are two things being overlooked here:  

1)  HIS Family:  how must THEY be feeling?  Imagine being told your son is an axe-murderer?  Or that he is pedophile? or both? 

2)  What made him the way he is?  What kind of childhood did he have?  Was he beaten?  Raped? Tortured? Sexually abused?  

No, a rotten childhood is not an excuse for immoral behavior, but it is an explanation.  I pity him and his family as much as I pity the Kletzky family. The difference is the Kletzky family will never have answers and never understand.  But he will and does. 

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