Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meet Me At The Airport!

Registration to participate in the welcome olim ceremony at Ben Gurion Airport opened up today.  I am VERY excited now.  Family and friends in Israel are signing up and are going to meet me there.  I was watching the video of the most recent arrivals.  It looks really exciting, but I am sure I am going to be EXHAUSTED by the time I arrive.  I wonder if I will be ABLE to be as excited and happy as everyone in the video appeared to be.   I am going alone and that is the part that is the hardest for me.  Even though I will not be alone when I am there, this whole adventure is so bittersweet for me.  
This aliyah was a dream that Barry and I had shared.  My making aliyah now, though, is NOT about keeping that dream alive. That dream died a long time ago.  My making aliyah now, is about doing what is best for ME and for my children.  It is about the mitzvah of Aliyah.  It is also about a new start for me, a new life.  
I am scared, nervous, excited, happy, thrilled, and just emotional in general about this whole event.  I pray for a successful aliyah...

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