Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Miscellaneous thoughts

  1. Today is my parents 54th Anniversary. Happy Triple Chai Anniversary to my parents, Helen and Ed Furman.  You can wish them the same at
  2. A terrible terrible terrible crime was committed against a young Jewish boy and his family.  Leiby Kletzky had gone missing -- and was found, his body dismembered into many pieces.  The horror of this is that this crime was perpetrated by a Aron Levi, young man who seemed nice and normal, also a "frum" Jew.  My heart is breaking for both families, the family of Leiby AND the family of Aron.  
  3. Today I made a very nice connection with a relative of my son in law and we found convergence in more than just familial connection.  I love Facebook and LinkedIn.  The internet has permitted me connections with people that I otherwise would never have made a connection.  
  4. My faith in people was restored by the intervention of some lovely people in response to an email erroneously sent to them, and if that sounds too vague and mysterious, it was meant to! 

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